How the World Would Look If We Solved Climate Change

Let’s imagine for a moment that we’ve reached the middle of the century. It’s 2050, and we have a moment to reflect—the climate fight remains the consuming battle of our… Read more

How Batteries Can Help Revolutionize the Energy Sector

All over California, there’s evidence of the state’s goal to lead the country in renewable energy. Enormous farms of shiny solar panels have popped up across southern California, and gigantic… Read more

Many Long COVID Symptoms Resolve Within a Year, Study Suggests

How long does Long COVID last? There’s no single answer, but for most people who get the condition, post-COVID symptoms like fatigue, cognitive impairment, and pain linger at least several… Read more

Mattel Has Created a Line of Dolls Honoring Frontline Workers, Including Nurse Amy O’Sullivan Who Appeared on the Cover of TIME

Mattel is honoring frontline workers with dolls modeled on real-life doctors and nurses. Among them is a doll version of Amy O’Sullivan, a nurse at the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center… Read more

How to Stay Safe From Wildfire Smoke

Widespread air quality alerts are in effect again this week in the U.S., with portions of 20 different states once again blanketed in smoke caused by Canada’s worst-ever wildfire season.… Read more

China Approves Pfizer COVID-19 Pill Paxlovid

China’s surprise decision to clear Pfizer Inc.’s coronavirus pill for use offers rare insight into how Beijing may be planning to move beyond the COVID Zero strategy that’s leaving it… Read more

Scientists Sound Alarm Over a Growing Trash Problem in Space

Sixty-six years ago, there was just a single human-built object in Earth orbit. It was Sputnik, the Soviet Union’s—and the world’s—first satellite, launched on Oct. 4, 1957. Now take a… Read more
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